Rise above
the flood of data.

The days of easily managed data growth are gone, replaced by rapid technological transformation and AI advancements. More than ever, you need a responsive partner with scalable solutions to provide protection in this deluge of data—a partner you can trust to do what they say they will do. You need an ark.

The future is ark.

Data is more critical than ever before, creating an immediate widespread demand for more scalable data center space, more cloud services, more bandwidth, more compute, more storage and of course, more power.

Customers want an answer for the edge. We are the edge. ark bridges the digital divide by providing the people, power and performance necessary to meet rising enterprise demands so you can conquer the waves of technological evolution. We’ll continue to stay ahead of ever-changing technology to help you stay ahead of your competitors. We are ark and we’re here to help you navigate.

ark's DNA.

From edge to cloud, ark sets partnership in motion, delivering excellence and innovation at every scale—it’s in our DNA.

Data Centers

We build state-of-the-art facilities to meet the demands of the most stringent requirements and compliances, supplementing our data center services with a robust suite of cloud solutions. Because we own all the location assets and equipment, no matter where our customers are, they have access to reliable, scalable infrastructure.


To power data centers, network infrastructure is a must. Network is two-fold for us – we also leverage decades of experience with industry leaders to inform growth strategies for both us and our customers. We listen, learn and educate within our networks to develop strong relationships that power our growth and benefit our partners and customers alike.

AI + Automation

Architecting agile enterprise-grade technology solutions in this flurry of data gravity requires flexibility, power and automation. Being AI-ready and delivering responsive and scalable hybrid cloud solutions enables our customers to drive innovation and growth.


To power and grow what matters most, you need an ark.

Edge Data Centers

ark’s owned edge data centers are catalysts for business evolution. We have the power, performance and, most importantly, the people to support the growing demand for scalability and automation in the wake of rapid technological advancements.

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Reimagine your technology strategy with ark’s robust suite of hybrid cloud infrastructure solutions. We leverage a deep understanding of optimal workload placements and a holistic, collaborative approach to infrastructure investment to help you drive operational excellence and efficiency.


ark’s extensive fiber network and interconnection solutions increase network reliability and optimize daily operations to keep you connected as you scale. We’re proud to work with a roster of trusted partners to deliver carrier-neutral, highly available connectivity in our secure data centers.

Partnership in Motion.

Staying ahead of the curve doesn’t just mean reacting to current trends—it means anticipating the quickly shifting tides of technology to successfully power through the flood of data. We’re more than an enterprise data center—more than a cloud solution provider. Responsive, scalable and agile, ark is your trusted partner for protection at the edge.


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Meet Us at the Edge.

We’re here to provide the power and performance you need to protect your business amid a deluge of data. Reach out to the ark team any time, so you can focus on what’s important—your business.

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