Some Glory Stories!

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East Coast Taiwan Church Plant Initiative

2023 - Prayer Request

Church Plant Locations

We have been given the green-light to plant a mission training center/outreach center. With God's grace He will empower us to help raise up many new churches on Taiwan's East Coast.

Ethan and Micah  Praising!

 2022 - Testimony

The kids and youth performed a song during a Sunday morning Shilin Church service. Good times!

Hank Cheng Preaching with Shawn!

 2022 - Testimony

We were invited to speak at a local Nazarene Church in Banqiao TW. It was Hank's first time preaching in a formal church setting. He did an excellent job!

Saved, Healed, Baptized

 2021 - Testimony

Grace said, "I don't understand it all, but I will surrender to Jesus." Upon raising her hands and speaking these words she was immediately healed of long-standing mental and physical pain! Shortly thereafter she was baptized!

Julie has a husband from Japan and three wonderful kids! She is now helping lead her family closer to Jesus!

Grace  Lin
 Julie Gao

Ancestor Worship On Every Corner

2021 - Prayer Request

Pray against the strongholds of ancestor worship in Taiwan.

New Church Plant In Taipei Growing!

2021 -Testimony

Candlelight Christmas service highlights in video!

If you want to see more of what the group has done, we have more recordings of some house group activities here:

House Church in Taipei  at "God's House"

God's House

House Church Plant - Taipei

God providing, new work to be done!

2020 - Testimony & Prayer Request

God is doing great things in spite of Covid, we are blessed! Thank you for supporting us and praying for us!

~O'Connor fam

Timothy and Ethan Serving in new house church

2020 - Testimony

Timothy Guo and Ethan are ministering within the house church! Great job gentlemen!

Hank Preaching In Taipei New Start!

2020 -Testimony

House Church Plant Has Some New Leaders...

Brother Hank brought the fire of the Holy Spirit! Great job!

Taipei Praises!

2019 - Testimony
Our House in Taipei

Our house was such a gift from God! The landlord told us the price was whatever we could afford!! All praise to YHWH!

We have also seen idolatry everywhere. Pagan temples, ancestor worship, Buddhist and Daoist worship. Pray for breaking of strongholds and destruction of principalities and powers all around us!

In fact, through divine appointment I met a man in an ancestor worship temple one day, while I was seeking shelter from a rain storm. He was worshiping a deceiving spirit there and after we struck up a conversation we exchanged contact details and now he attends our small group Bible study on Sunday afternoon! (story update as of 2020) Christopher is now saved and baptized, he has renounced his previous worship of ancestor spirits and is attending church regularly!! All praise to Jesus!

Idolatry Everywhere
Met this man in an ancestor worship temple!
The man I met in the temple "Chris" started coming to our small group!


2013-2015 - Testimony

The Lord makes a way where there seems to be no way!

God brought us a worship leader from Africa who sings in Chinese! All praise to Yah!

Thanksgiving party. The singer is Tom, we met him on the subway and invited him over!

Group is growing, salvations, baptisms, disciples maturing.

House Church Glory Video!

2010-2012 - Testimony

After two years working the fields we see the beginnings of a new HC in China..All praise to YHWH


Click settings and watch the video on 1.25 speed, the transitions are a little slow, we are still learning to video edit 😊